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John J. Prescott & Associates, Inc. was incorporated in the District of Columbia on August 13, 1976, primarily as a film and video production company. Our start and primary support came from Mr. Stanly Hankin, Director of Media for the Labor Depart..


In 1979 we opened the New York and Atlanta Offices.


In March of 1984, we expanded our operation to include a separate division called "Townhouse Editing", later renamed "Townhouse Post-Production". Again, in 1989, we expanded our facility to include two on-line edit bays with component video and digital effects. Our client base has grown to include government, non-profit, and private industry clients, as well as advertising and public relations agencies.


In 1999 John Prescott closed the Washington, DC facilities and moved to the eastern shore of Maryland full time. He and his associates continue to do freelance work with a select group of clients. Under the name of Ocean Digital Productions, we provide location production with Digital Video production capability and post-production editing on the Sony Digital Studio with the Adobe Premiere 6 digital editing software.


We got our start in business with the U.S. Government as the prime contractor to the Employment & Training Administration of the Department of Labor. We performed in the role of prime contractor in excess of 12 years. In this role we were responsible for the development, production, and editing of a large number of successful training programs. As we grew our client base expanded to include a series of contracts with the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS). Our task with AFRTS was to produce a number of public service announcements for air to military members around the world.


In addition, we have worked with just about every Government agency in the Washington area including the successful program on White House Fellowships. We were most honored to be awarded an Emmy for "Best Independent Documentary" for the production of "To Bear Witness" which aired on The Public Broadcast System and is available for purchase today at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. 


Our list of commercial spots include: The Maryland Lottery, IKEA; First American Bank; U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Trak Auto; Crown Books; Washington Metro; and many, many more.


Since the founding of the company, we have produced hundreds of commercials and public service announcements, training programs, documentaries and presentation programs. Our list of awards includes EMMYs, ADDYs, TELLYs, HUGOs; Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallions; and the CINE Golden Eagle. Prescott & Associates, Inc. has established itself as a leader in the creative development and production of material that is original, technically excellent and well produced.


We have created documentaries, training and presentation materials for numerous clients. They include:

  • "Trak Line Video Magazine," a monthly video news magazine produced specifically for the employees of Trak Auto Corporation.

  • "Pineapple People Video Magazine," a monthly video news magazine produced specifically for the employees of Super 8 Motels.

  • "Starting Off Right," a staff orientation and training program, which is seen by every new Federal Government employee, produced for the Office of Personnel Management.

  • The significant documentary, "There's No Such Thing as Women's Work," produced for the Department of Labor's Women's Bureau under a standing production contract.

  • "To Bear Witness." As a joint project of the Departments of Interior, State and Labor, we produced this one-hour documentary on the Holocaust, which aired nationally on PBS and has become a permanent exhibit at the new U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. This program was awarded an EMMY for "Best Independent Documentary Production."

  • And, for the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, three outstanding informational programs on housing and transportation in America: "Reverse Commute," "Accepting the Challenge" and "The Story of Resident Management."


In addition to documentary, promotional and training programs, we have also produced excellent short-form programs. We are proud of the more than 700 spot productions in our experience. Prescott & Associates, Inc. has produced commercial and PSA spots and campaigns for various Government agencies, advertising agencies, corporations and associations. These include:

  • Eight spot campaigns for the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service, many numbering 50 spots each.

  • Commercial spots for The Maryland Lottery, IKEA, First American Bank, Trak Auto, Crown Books, and Washington's Metro, among others.

  • A local public service campaign for the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington.

National PSA's for the Disabled American Veterans, the United Way, the Smithsonian Institution, The Job Corp, and for the Board of Trade's national anti-shoplifting campaigns.


Federal, private and commercial agencies continue to request our services. They value the time and money saved by working with an experienced, professional organization. We get the job done with efficiency, economy, creativity and cooperation. With a history of production experience for Government agencies, this company believes we can ensure successful completion because we have learned to anticipate the unique requirements of production projects.


Being able to handle concept development, research, scripting, production and post-production all in-house means that we are able to maintain creative integrity, offer a lower cost, and respond to your needs promptly and professionally. Owning and operating our own on-line video editing facility gives us immediate access to both digital off-line and broadcast on-line editorial.


Ocean Digital Productions believes that our experience with producing creative instructional video programs makes us particularly well qualified to provide you with outstanding production value.

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Key Date History:


1976 John J. Prescott & Associates is incorporated in the District of Columbia.


1979 John J. Prescott & Associates and Video Performance Studios join forces and open offices in Manhattan, New York and Atlanta, Georgia.


1984 Townhouse Editing Division opens (later renamed "Townhouse Post Production.")


1989 Townhouse Post Production expands to include two inter-format edit suites, two Avid Non-Linear edit suites, and an insert stage with Ultimatte (blue screen) technology.


1999 Company moves to Eastern Shore of Maryland and changes name to Ocean Digital Productions.


2002 Company moves to Sarasota, Florida and continues to do work as Ocean Digital Productions.